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Solar EPC Provider Rajasthan

Hi Aim Solar Power provides complete turnkey solar EPC solutions. We have a team of highly skilled solar engineers to design and construct you solar project. We are a leading Solar EPC company in India with over 300MW of EPC experience. We primarily serve rooftop solar segment for residential, commercial and industrial users. Our strength lies in our technical expertise, highly skilled team and unwavering focus on quality.

What is Solar EPC?

Engineering, Procurement and Construction" (E P C) is a particular form of contracting arrangement used in some industries where the E P C Contractor is made responsible for all the activities from design, procurement, construction, to commissioning and handover of the project to the End-User or Owner.

Hi Aim Solar Power is a leading solar EPC provider in Rajasthan. We offer –

Long Term Reliability

Our Technical Expertise, use of Premium Equipment and unwavering focus on Quality ensures that our Solar Power PV Plant perform reliably during its operating life of 25 years.

Hassle FreeInstallation

We provide end-to-end solar EPC solutions and hassle free installation, taking care of all aspects of project execution, including liaising and operation & maintenance services.

Easy SolarFinancing

We support our customers in securing Bank Finance or PPA Investment, thus reducing their burden of capital expenditure on solar power system.

When investing in a technology it is even more important to make sure that the technology is right. Solar is a technology game and we understand that, and give foremost importance to the technology. Our team has worked extensively on solar PV research.

We provide end to end services to plan, design, construct and maintain Solar power plants, as well as to supply solar power to large power consumers with and without CAPEX investment.

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