Off Grid Rooftop Solar

Off Grid Rooftop Solar

Most of the industries and factories are haracterized by heavy machinery and all-day shifts, which means they would require uninterrupted electricity throughout the day. Since the sun does not shine all the time, energy production through a solar system terminates after sunset. An off-grid system overcomes this disadvantage by being armed with a battery back-up.

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Features -

  • No access to utility grid
  • Makes a business energy self sufficient
  • Requires extra components
  • Relies on batteries to store electricity

Unlike in a grid-tied system, the energy produced is stored in the batteries, thus eliminating the possibility of power outings.At an unlikely event when the batteries run low, engine generators can be used as a back up as well.However, they just add up to the overall cost and are not very widely used. Off-grid systems provide energy independence.

If you are unsure whether you need an on-grid or off-grid rooftop system, get in touch with our experts. They will analyse your requirements and give you the right consultation. We offer easy finance options and help you secure low interest loans. With their inputs, you can decide which solar system is perfect for your premises.

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