Solar Pump

Solar Pump

Hi Aim Solar Power is a leading Solar Water Pump Manufacturer and Solar Energy Solutions Expert.Our Submersible water pump is anti-corrosion in nature and provides high wear resistance. It reduces the running costs due to its high pumping efficiency and longevity. It can work continuously for a longer period of time without any trouble which results in high reliability and provide best results.

Features -

  • Ideal for remote areas where electricity is not available
  • Drip Irrigation & sprinkler for farms
  • Water supply for schools, hospitals, homes, institutes & Government establishments.
  • Industrial applications

Our Solar Water pumps offer a clean and simple alternative to fuel-burning engines and generators for domestic water, livestock and irrigation. They are most effective during dry and sunny seasons. They require no fuel deliveries and very little maintenance. Solar pumps are powered by photovoltaic (solar electric) panels and the flow rate is determined by the intensity of the sunlight.

Our solar water pumps have been a great choice and alternative way to receive fresh water by capitalizing on the solar rays. The areas that typically need the most water - the hot, dry, sunny locations - are the ones that can best take advantage of these pumps.

With the cost of diesel and electricity rising constantly, solar powered water pumps are the perfect alternative for rural regions as these have a low maintenance cost and ensure a long product life.

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