Solar company in India

Welcome to Hi Aim Solar Power – the best solar company in India!

We know that a small set up of an office requires more than 2-3k unit of electricity per month, imagine how much does an industrial unit require? What would be the monthly electricity charge?

Save your electricity bill by installing solar water heater and generate your own electricity, get uninterrupted power supply 24x7, 365 days. According to a study, we can save 50% of the amount from solar energy systems. Solar power products have gained importance as they are cost-effective and quite easy to install. The Solar powered system is environmentally friendly. There is no chance of chemical and smoke emissions.

Similarly, solar water heaters have proved to be quite beneficial in residential settings too.

We, at Hi Aim Solar Power, give commitment to quality, excellence at every stage which made us receive the prestigious An ISO 9001 : 2015 Company certification for quality systems. We have qualified trained technicians & a service department that happily continues to contribute to the growth of our company, by Accelerating the growth of one lakh plus satisfied users.

Our technical expertise, quality assurance, and excellent after-sales service are an icing on the cake and acts as an added advantage to prove itself as one of the preferred choices in the industry.We are a leading Manufacturer of oem solar water heater, etc manifolds - solar heating panels, etc type solar water heater, fpc type solar water heating system and more.’

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