Solar Opex Modal

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Solar OPEX Model

Solar installation can be done in 2 models – OPEX and CAPEX. OPEX model is famous in many countries including US where half of rooftop solar PV installations are owned by OPEX developers. It is successful modelinternationally and remains so in India also as the consumer has not to incur upfront capital costs.

In this, the investor owns the asset (Plant). The consumer and the producer enters a PPA (power purchase agreement) for a decided duration of time which is typically 15-25 years. During the tenure of PPA, the consumer pays the producer for the power generated at a decided tariff. After the PPA terminates, the asset is transferred to the consumer.

  • Can be set up as a lease or as a method for purchasing the system by end of term
  • Fixed monthly payments based on cost of system and lease term
  • Maintenance costs built into terms of agreement
  • Add equipment if needed during finance term and include in monthly payment
  • No residual or additional payments to be made at end of term
  • When term ends, several options:
  • Depending upon how the agreement is written, the customer may own the solar system at the end of the finance term, or
  • Upgrade solar system and sign a new lease
  • Extend existing lease

In OPEX Model investment will be made by third party and consumers will have to sign aPower purchase Agreement (PPA) with actual investor at mutually agreed tariff and tenure. Being one of the top solar companies in Jaipur, we assure you of the best rates and outstanding service. Call us to know more.

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