Solar Capex Modal

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The capex model is the most common business model for rooftop solar deployment in the country. It basically means own and operate the solar plant. In this solar rooftop financing option where customer has to pay 100% cost upfront .One among many advantages of this model is that consumers are eligible to claim accelerated depreciation to gain tax savings & make reasonable return on investment. Consumers who are facing high liquidity problems are not advised to opt for this finance option. Here O &M responsibilities are of rooftop owner.

As a consumer, you can choose either OPEX or CAPEX model as both these have their benefits and limitations.

Here are the points you need to consider –

  • Implementing energy efficiency measures
  • Power consumption data
  • Space availability
  • Implementing energy efficiency measures
  • Usage of Solar Power
  • Effect of solar irradiance

Energy efficiency is the need of the hour. Every unit of energy saved is an unit of electricity generated. Before considering an energy generation project at your premises, it is wise to implement energy efficient measures. This will naturally bring down the actual power consumption and brings down the required energy generation capacity.

We understand that capital expenditure on solar power installations can be unaffordable for some businesses. Opting for Capex or Opex plan, be rest assured the costs are much lower than grid electricity. Solar power brings in the independence with an initial investment that continues to pay for itself practically with no recurring cost. For details, get in touch with us.

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